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Andrew Guidroz II



In Cajun culture, family is very important. Cajuns are almost exclusively Catholic and hold life in high regard. My wife and I have five children. Lauren is 26, Joseph is 22, Ian is 18, Austin Paige is 12, and Andrew is 11.

Chopped Vegetables

Ian, Lauren, and Joseph, years ago


Austin Paige Guidroz

Austin Paige Guidroz was born July 12, 1996. Here are some photos from the hospital.

[Austin Paige Guidroz]

Andrew Guidroz IV

This is the new baby! Born June 20, 1997

Andrew Guidroz IV is born. He was born at 7:30AM and is 7 pounds, 14 ounces. His length is 19 1/2 inches.


[Andrew Guidroz IV]


[Ian Guidroz - Science Fair]

Ian Guidroz - Science Fair

Ian did well at the parish science fair and competed at the regional level.


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