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Links to Friends


Here are links to friends and business associates. Drop by and visit them. They're good folks!


[Clarion Ad-Ons]

Clarion Add-Ons and Lodestar Software

Lee G. White is a good friend from Knoxville, Tennessee. He writes add ons for Clarion for Windows. His two most popular products are his print previewer and his fax software. Good stuff!

Creative PC Solutions

Larry Teames is a good friend who lives in Arizona. He writes a set of report writing templates for Clarion for Windows. It is probably the most popular add on to CW around.


[Creative PC Solutions]


J&S Software

[J&S Software]

Jeff Slarve is a friend in California who writes some cool  templates plus a host of other utilities.


Makers of Clarion RAD software




[Carl Barnes Software]

Carl Barnes Software

This is my friend Carl Barnes' site. He is a Clarion developer who created the tools CW Assistant, Clarion Source Search and CarlBase. Using CWA I feel like I'm programming with Carl when CWA writes bunchs of code for me with just a few clicks. He also cuts and stirs well.

Clarion Magazine


This is my friend Dave Harms' site. He is a Clarion developer who is also an excellent writer.

[Clarion Magazine]


[Software by Ragazzi]


    Software by Ragazzi

Kevin Erskine lives in California and writes software and templates for Clarion

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