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Cajun culture centers around cooking and eating. We plan our next meal even as we cook the current one. Here are some recipes that we use at home often. Just click on the links and enjoy!

You'll notice all of the vegetables at the top of the screen. Onions, bellpeppers, and garlic are often referred to as the "Holy Trinity" in Cajun cooking. Nearly every dish contains them and they are added early in the dish preparation. I also have some parsley and some green onions there. These are added near the end.

Chopped Vegetables

Chopped Vegetables


[Crawfish Etouffee]

Crawfish Etouffee

Crawfish are small crustaceans that look a lot like lobsters. We LOVE them here and cook them in thousands of ways. This recipe is a favorite of mine. A friend of mine Ragnar Hellspong in Sweden says he loves it.

Alligator Sauce Piquante

This is great stuff too!! Alligator can be a bit of a delicacy here. The meat isn't cheap. But I have my sources....


[Alligator Sauce Piquante]


Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

We normally cook this in BIG pots ---- 20 quarts at a time. I have a large shovel and a HUGE black iron pot that I cook this in. Definitely an outdoor sport but this recipe is small enough to cook inside.

[Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya]

Corn Maque Choux

This is a sort of creamed corn dish that was influenced by the Native Americans here in Louisiana.


[Corn Maque Choux]


[Catfish Courtbouillon]

Catfish Courtbouillon

We tend to cook this with "river cat". They are fatter and make a better gravy than pond raised catfish.

Sugar Steak

This is from a recipe that Mike Pickus passed on to me. It was a wild time.


[Sugar Steak]


Dutch Oven Cooking

Here's a link to some pictures I took while cooking an entire meal in Dutch oven pots using charcoal. It's a chicken stew, smothered potatoes, corn maque choux, and peach cobbler.

[Dutch Oven Cooking]


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