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These are all photos of friends, holidays, conferences, DevCons, Mardi Gras, you name it! Stuff that just doesn't fit into another category.

Chopped Vegetables

The Knighton Family

Here are some photos of Gary Knighton's new addition to the family.

[The Knighton Family]

Cajun/Dutch Turkey Fry

See a Dutchman attempt a Cajun turkey fry with his only instructions coming via e-mail. My good friend, Majodi Ploegmakers in Holland.


[Cajun/Dutch Turkey Fry]


[The Stapleton Wedding]

The Stapleton Wedding

We went to McAllen, Texas for Andy "Cowboy" Stapleton's wedding to the lovely Belinda. I was the best man and even got to watch Bob Gove eat goat throat. It was pretty cool!

Kerrville Seminar 1996

This was a great Clarion for Windows Seminar hosted in Kerrville, Texas. We had a blast!


[Kerrville Seminar 1996]



East Cedar Creek Softvelocity User Group Meeting

Bob Gove is a wonderful host.


Our Lady of the Oaks Retreat 2003

We had a nice time as usual. Here are some pictures around the retreat house.

[Our Lady of the Oaks Retreat 2003]


[Acadiana Tigers Recruiting Bash 2002]


    Acadiana Tigers

    Recruiting Bash 2002

Jimbo Fisher was the guest speaker.

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